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The Environment & Safety Elite Program evaluates motivates promotes those in the automotive industry who are dedicated to environmental and safety best practices.

About Environment & Safety Elite

What is Environment & Safety Elite?

The Environmental & Safety Elite program is the standard of excellence for environmental and safety practices in the automotive industry. This program was established based on rigorous research and evaluation that spanned the course of many years. It is continually updated by a committee comprised of industry leaders who are interested in advancing environmental awareness and safety in the automotive community.

How was the Program Developed?

The following elements were evaluated to form the basis of the Environmental & Safety Elite program:

  • 7 years' worth of environmental and safety data collected from more than 4,500 facilities nationwide.
  • Regulations from OSHA, the EPA, and the DOT that govern auto service facilities.
  • Official notes about how those regulations are to be interpreted in the auto industry.
  • Citations issued to facilities for not complying with regulations.

Based on the comprehensive research and analysis, realistic, repeatable benchmarks were established that indicated best practices and general compliance with the regulations in six key areas. Each was broken into measurable activities to create a comprehensive environmental and safety program. The program is open to any facility that wishes to apply. The Environmental & Safety Elite status is granted for one year to those facilities that meet all the requirements

Program Requirements

*May or may not be required for your facility.

Becoming Environment & Safety Elite

Your Challenge:

You know your business represents better value than your competition, but you need a unique way to convince your customers and prospects of that. Something that will appeal to their desire to do business with a company that's ethical and environmentally focused.

Our Solution:

Environment & Safety Elite is a nationwide program that recognizes facilities who meet or exceed benchmarks and best practices in six key environmental and safety categories. Achieving E&S Elite status means you're committed to the health and safety of your employees, your facility, and the community and you can prove it. Now that's something distinguishing that you can market to your customers and prospects.

Benefits of Becoming Environment & Safety Elite
  • Recognition - Once you earn the E&S Elite award, you will receive marketing materials and tools to help promote your achievement. Being formally recognized for your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, your facility, and the community can provide a whole new platform for marketing your business to customers and prospects.
  • PR & Customer Awareness - When you become E&S Elite, you'll have access to a press release with customizable copy that you can use in email campaigns, in your social media posts, in your newsletter, on your blog, and in any other medium you use to communicate to customers and prospects.
  • Website Integration - One of the key places customers look for information about your facility is online. After becoming E&S Elite, you'll be able to promote your E&S Elite status on your website and link back to the Environment & Safety Elite website.
  • Customer Education Video - Show customers and prospects exactly what the Environment & Safety Elite award is and what it means to them in a compelling and engaging video. Loop it in your lobby, post it on your website and on social media, and use it in your marketing campaigns. The video is optimized to play on mobile devices and online.
  • Business Development Report - The business development report identifies where your facility needs to improve its environmental and safety practices to improve business operations and meet the standards of the E&S Elite program. Specifically, it helps you fix potentially costly compliance issues and avoid regulatory fines, allows you to track environmental and safety issues online, and gives you guidance on regulations in one central location.
  • Program Signage & Brochures - Once certified, your facility will gain access to Environment & Safety Elite signage and brochures to market your achievement to customers in your lobby. These marketing materials are a great way to build awareness and promote your brand and status as a leader in the community.
Think You Have What it Takes to Be Elite?

If you think your facility has what it takes to be E&S Elite, or even if you just want to start working toward E&S Elite status, here's how to do it:

  1. Set up your account and enter your facility details, it's easy! This includes how many fixed operations and front-end employees you have. KPA clients: Simply log in to myKPAonline.com and select Recognition Programs.
  2. Complete the E&S Elite application. It's free! Expect this process to take some time and know that you don't have to complete it in one pass; it's unlikely that you will since you'll need to gather and upload documentation. You can log out and log back in at any time. When you do, you'll see a dashboard with the overall status of each benchmark category.
  3. Submit your application for evaluation. If your facility meets all the requirements, it will be granted E&S Elite status for one year. A program fee will be billed (unless you are a KPA client) and your marketing kit will be made available so you can start publicizing your achievement. If your facility doesn't quite meet all the requirements, you'll have to work on the area(s) you fall short in and then resubmit your application. No program fee will be billed.
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